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Plan Your Event


Some Suggestions For Planning The Perfect Party!


It's not hard to pull off a great party – all it takes is a bit of planning and organization. Here's a handy checklist that you might customize for your specific needs.

Well In Advance

1. Decide on the theme or reason for the event; this is particularly important in corporate events.
2. Choose a date.
3. Determine a budget.
4. Make a guest list; the number of people affects all other plans. 5. Plan the agenda; this also will affect plans for venues and equipment.
6. Investigate potential locations for the event. 4Visit them first 4Provide list of equipment requirements 4Get quotes in writing
7. Book the venue.
8. Book entertainment, if needed. 4Speaker or comedian 4Music (Band or DJ?) 4Clowns, jugglers
Rented activities such as pony rides
9. Negotiate with local hotels for blocks of rooms, if guests will be coming from out of town.
10. Book limousine service, if needed.
11. Make other travel arrangements for key speakers, guests of honor, etc.
12. Create a timetable/checklist; include deadlines where they exist.

Two Months Out

1. Book Granny's for your catering needs: 615-305-4987
2. Plan and execute any publicity related to the event; make sure in-house staff is available.
3. If necessary, form committees to handle various tasks; line up staff volunteers. You'll need people to tell event-goers where to go; be sure to station helpers near stairs. If this is a charity event, line up sponsors. 4. Start checking your budget; get all quotes in writing.
5. Hire any outside help or consultants: 4iBartenders 4Graphic designers 4Calligraphers
Sign/banner companies
6. Start working with designer to create invitations and other printed material: 4Response cards 4Seating cards 4Programs 4 Agendas
7. Select and order any promotional items, gifts or awards.
8. Confirm the schedules of in-house speakers.
9. Make a preliminary agenda; it's important to know, for example, who will cut the cake. Determine which items will be delivered and which will be picked up, and by whom.
10. Determine any audio-visual equipment needs and make arrangements for all needed equipment.
11. Make a list of needed signage including welcome, direction and other signs; be sure to order them.
12. Arrange for all staff and VIP travel and housing.

Two Weeks Out

1.  Determine a credentialing process for invitees; this might include a guest list at the door, and/or name badges.

2.  Confirm all day-of-event items such as flowers, cakes, decorations, and equipment.

3.  Confirm all volunteers and their responsibilities.

4.  Finalize your script/agenda.

5.  Will there be games or contests? Gather all pertinent needs, including prizes.

6.  Prepare goody bags, welcome baskets or party favors.

7.  Create an information sheet for staff/volunteers, and VIPs, including emergency mobile phone numbers, itinerary, maps, etc.

One Day Before

1.  Deliver welcome baskets to hotel for placement in VIP rooms.

Day Of Event

1. Have a brief meeting with staff/volunteers to review agenda, responsibilities, etc.
2. Monitor pick-up or delivery of all rented equipment and supplies.
3. Put up any signage including direction signs.
4. Do a walkthrough of the venue; check: 4Caterer 4Bartender 4Liquor 4Linens 4Floral arrangements, centerpieces 4Cake 4Signs/banners 4Photographer/videographer 4Gifts, favors, awards, prizes 4Information/registration table 4Podium 4Band or DJ 4Stage 4Microphone/sound equipment 4Conduct sound check
5. Enjoy the day!

Immediately After The Event

1.  Oversee cleanup crew.

2.  Tip the service staff (caterer, bartender, etc.).

3.  Pack up and inventory all reusable collateral material.

4.  Pack up and return all rented equipment.

During The Next Week

1.  Reconcile your budget; check all invoices.

2.  List names for thank-you letters, then write them.

3.  Conduct a debriefing meeting with staff and volunteers; there's much to learn!

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